Linnaeus Tin Spinning

Spinning Tin Thread 2

Spinning Tin Thread Part 2
The tin is dragged through a die to make a fine thread.

Dragging Tin Thread

The tin thread was produced from bars of tin or from tin melted down from pewter plates and tableware. The tin is formed into narrow bars with a knife and hammer. It is pounded and shaped into a rod or dowel and pulled through the holes in the die with the use of pliers or even teeth.
To make it easier to pull through the die, the tin is dipped in fat, produced by melting reindeer hooves.

Tin is being pulled through the die with the use of pliers.

Tin thread continues to be pulled through smaller holes in the die.
As the tin thread narrows, the fine tin thread is pulled through the die with the teeth.
Fine tin thread is being dragged through the die with the use of teeth.

Spinning with a Spin Cross

Spinning Tin with Drop Spindle

Plying the Tin Thread

The tin thread is plied around a core yarn to give it stability. The core thread should be the same thickness as the tin wire, in order to produce an evenly spun thread. The tin wraps around the core as it is spun using a similar plying technique as with other core spun yarns.


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