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Hand Weaving

Warping Board Pattern
How to Warp a Loom Front to Back
How to Warp a Band Loom
Metric Conversion Tables
Countermarche Loom Tie-up
Counter Balance Loom Setup

Hand Spinning

How Your Spinning Wheel Spins
Crimp Twist Ply
Flax: Scutching Hackling

Natural Dyes

Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes
Plant Dyes and Your Health
How to Mordant Cotton and Linen


Nalbinding Stitch Summary
Nalbinding Stitches
Russian Join Technique

Band Weaving

Sigga Heddle Band Weaving
Saami Band Weaving: Sunna 7
Saami Band Weaving Drafts
Tablet Weaving Cards
Sami Grene Blanket with a Bandwoven Edge Finish

Hand Weaving Books