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Google Ad Network

No More Ads

I have now removed Google Ads from my website, as I feel the ads did not provide a good user experience.

Google Translate

As >50% of my web traffic comes from non-English speaking countries, I have now added a Translate option that works with Google Translator. If your language is not yet listed on the Country/Language Menu, please contact me and I can check whether that language is available.


I have now moved the Newsletter subscriber list ‘In-House’. I will be emailing subscribers with the latest news, as posts are updated. I would like to invite you to Subscribe if you would like to keep updated with new additions to All Fiber Arts

AFA Newsletter 2-18-22
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Wet Felting

Wet Felted Easter Eggs

Hand Spinning

My Bamboo Allergy I recently discovered that bamboo fibres are not always hypo-allergenic.


Nalbinding Hat Pattern – Mammen Stitch

Nalbinding Stitch Summary
Nalbinding Stitches
Russian Join Technique

Nalbinding – Wrist Warmers Pattern

Hand Weaving

Weaving – Krokbragd
Weaving – Table of Setts
Weaving Drafts

Warping Board Pattern
How to Warp a Loom Front to Back
How to Warp a Band Loom
Metric Conversion Tables
Countermarche Loom Tie-up
Counter Balance Loom Setup

Natural Dyes

Anti-microbial Effects of Natural Dyes
Plant Dyes and Your Health
How to Mordant Cotton and Linen

Band Weaving

Band Weaving Drafts and Patterns
Sigga Heddle Band Weaving
Saami Band Weaving: Sunna 7
Saami Band Weaving Drafts
Tablet Weaving Cards
Sami Grene Blanket with a Bandwoven Edge Finish

Hand Weaving Books