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I am very sorry to say that my website was victim to a cyber attack recently. I have relocated all files to a new and more secure server. Many image files were lost in the transition, resulting in blank spaces where the images should be. I am having to restore files from backups – this will take a few weeks, so please check back. If you are having troubles finding something, please use the Search function. Your patience is appreciated.

The latest restored pages:
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10 Steps To Warping: Front to Back Warp
Finn Weave Pickup
Japanese Kimono
About Tapestry Weaving
Tapestry Weaving Basics
The Life of an Artisan Weaver

Hemp hammock
Warp Weighted Loom
Cardboard Box Loom
Mirror Warp Throw
How to Weave a Good Edge
Water Jug Warping

Paper Yarn Weaving
Spears Loom
Countermarche Loom Tie-up
Hemp Rya Rug
Rep Weave Placemats
Counter Balance Loom Setup
Flax: Retting, Hackling

Warp a Rigid Heddle Loom
Handwoven Quilts
Card Woven Edge Finish
Tapestry Woven Cushions

Garment V Neck Shaping on Loom
Qasr Abrim Garment: V-Neck
Paper Yarn Placemats
Rebuilder Tapestry
Replacement Heddle
Rya Rug Repair

Urine, Fleece and Natural Dyes
How to Finish Hand spun Yarn
How to Dye with Bloodroot
Cedar Bark Dye

Sari Silk Weaving
Osage Orange Dye
Crackle Weaving Draft
Kool-Aid Dyed Mittens
Crock Pot Dyes

Hand Weaving Books