Blue Skirts Golden Belts

Finnish Viking Age Dress

Sinihameet Kultavyöt РBlue Skirts, Golden Belts

In October 2003 I had the chance to visit the fascinating exhibit of ancient Finnish textiles, in Tampere, Finland.… Read more...

Qasr Abrim Garment

Qsar Abrim Garment

Qasr Abrim Garment: V-Neck Shaping on a Loom As I wander through the numerous museums in and around London, and view the exhibits and artifacts , I see lots of intricate pottery in the collections.… Read more...


Vadmal Stamping

Vadmal (Wadmal) is a woven wool cloth that has been felted. Felting the fabric after weaving, thickens the cloth and makes it wind and water resistant as well as warm.… Read more...

Pewter Key Chain Project

Tenntrad Key Chain

Pewter Embroidery
A project to stitch a pewter embroidered key chain.