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Paivi Suomi

Nalbinding Today

Nalbinding Socks

I try to work on a bit of nalbinding each day. I record some of these on Live stream or save the videos on various platforms. May 29/24 – Nalbinding – Stitching […]

Woolen Spinning

Woolen Spinning I like to spin yarns using the Woolen spinning method. As I work in my studio – I record and stream videos of my work almost daily. I edit the […]

Today’s Knitting

Knitting Projects I do a bit of knitting most days, and have started to stream as I knit. I stream on various platforms: Twitch, Kick, YouTube and record the streams. I edit […]

On my Rya Rug Loom

Finnish Rya Rugs – Ryijy Matto I now have one loom dedicated to designing and weaving Finnish style Rya Rugs – Ryijy Matto. I have started to video and record my progress […]