Tenntrad Key Chain

Pewter Keychain – Part 3

Pewter Embroidery
A project to stitch a pewter embroidered key chain. Part 3 – Reindeer Leather Trim.

Reindeer Leather

Draw an outline cutting pattern for the key fob on a piece of graph paper and cut it out.
Using this paper pattern cut the embroidered felt to the shape of the key fob pattern.
Cut a piece of reindeer leather using the same pattern.

Put the cut reindeer leather and the embroidered felt together. Using the leather needle threaded with polyester or silk thread, stitch around both of them using a whip stitch. Fold the end section of the reindeer leather under and stitch into place.
To make the key fob a bit thicker, insert a small piece of plastic or other thick material in between the felt and the leather.

Reindeer Leather Edge Finish

Fold the 24 cm strip of reindeer leather in half and cut a small slit in the centre. This will fit over the top part of the key fob.
Sew the leather edge to the key fob using small backstitching.

Pewter Keychain Project

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Part 3 – Reindeer Leather Trim

Paivatar Yarn on Etsy

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