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Spinning Tin Thread 3

Tin Thread EmbroideryPart 3 – The spun tin thread can now be used for stitching and embroidery.

Tin Thread Embroidery

The spun tin thread can now be used for embroidery. It can be sewn directly onto tanned leather, though wool fabric or wadmal is used more often as the base for the embroidered thread.

To begin sewing with the tin thread a small portion of the tin is stripped from the end of the thread to expose the core thread. This core thread is fastened to the back of the leather or fabric that you are stitching onto.

The core thread is sewn to the back of the fabric to fasten the tin thread in place.
The tin thread is stitched to the top side of the leather or fabric with very small stitches.


Wadmal (vadmal) is a coarse, densely woven wool fabric that has been felted so that the weave structure is no longer visible. This creates a very warm and windproof fabric.
Instead of embroidering onto wadmal, I thought that I would try to embroider the tin thread onto handmade felt instead, as the felt would have a similar weight and consistency as wool felted yardage. I felted a small sheet of 21 micron merino wool and stitched a small sample of tin thread embroidery. I was quite pleased with the result.

Tin Thread on Felt
Tin Thread on Felt


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Västerbotten nummer 2/1980, sidorna 115-128 “Om tillverkning av platt tenntråd”
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