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Turn Off Ads

For many years I have allowed Google to run advertising on my website, in order to help pay for some of the monthly website costs that I incur for keeping the All Fiber Arts website running.
I have now taken steps to turn off all the ads that were running on my website from the Google Ad Network. Here is why.

For several years, the Google ads were paying for most of the running costs of the site. Over the past few years, the advertising revenue kept declining and my pageviews were dropping significantly. I puzzled about this issue for some time and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

WordPress Theme Change

About 2 years ago, Google changed their algorithms and encouraged website developers to redesign their websites to make them more user friendly for mobile phone use. I installed a new WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-One, that was ‘mobile friendly’. This installation required me to rewrite many of my posts so that they fit into the new format. This involved making revisions such as rewording paragraphs into 5-6 lines of text, rather than longer length paragraphs that I normally wrote. At the time, I was quite annoyed at having to chop up my writing style. I now realize that this design change allowed advertising networks to place advertising code between each paragraph, rather than in sidebars or top and bottom ad placement. With the change to design layout, I also had to revise the folder taxonomy to make the website fit into the new format. Unfortunately, the result was a design where even I had trouble finding posts that I had written.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides website owners and potential advertisers with up-to-the-minute information about visitors the website pages. I use these reports to help determine which pages are being viewed and which ones are not getting traffic, so that I can improve and update the information on the page, or update dead links. This is an ongoing task. I don’t have enough hours in a day to keep it fully current and still find time to work on the crafts that I love, but I do my best.

Google Publisher Reports

Google Analytics also provides a Publisher report that give information about the number of advertisements that are running across the website and the amount of revenue that the publisher makes.
I have ignored these reports for a few years, since I was making pennies… I had more important things to do than to fret about the pennies I was not making.

I took a look at these reports a few weeks ago and started to analyse them, to see if I could figure out what had happened to my loss in earnings over the past 2 years.
I was shocked to discover that Google had placed over 1.3 million advertisements across my website, dating from May 21 – Apr 22, with an average of 13-14 advertisements per page. In the past, my website generally had 4-5 ads running per page and I had some flexibility regarding the page placement of those ads.

Turn Off Ads

I find that this amount of advertising per page is excessive. Sadly, I was not aware until now, how many advertisements were running because my IP address was blocked from seeing the advertising, so that my additional pageviews would not distort the PV statistics. It was no wonder that viewers were not staying on my website. I would leave a page too if I was being bombarded with advertising, when I was looking for information.

I do apologize to all my visitors for this unacceptable bombardment of advertising that was appearing on my website.
I have now removed all Google ad code.
If you do see any ads still running, please clear the cache of your browser. If you still see advertising, please contact me so that I can investigate the situation, as there may still be some random rogue code operating.


I don’t generally turn comments on for my pages as they can be a lot of work to maintain to keep spam free – but I would appreciate hearing your views on this subject. You may also contact me privately via my Contacts Page.


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