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I use Google Analytics data in order to provide me with an understanding about what types information and pages you visit, in order that I can revise content to meet user needs. I do not have access to any personal information about you. I am using this information to help detect which pages need updating (there are lots since this website has grown significantly in the past 20 years)

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If you are concerned about your privacy, you may wish to change your search engine from Google to something more private such as DuckDuckGo

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There are some cookies that run on this website. You have the option to Accept or Reject them. I suggest that you select only the necessary cookies – as I do not like tracking much either.


I have become more concerned lately regarding internet privacy and tracking.
Therefore, I have now removed all Google Advertising that was running on my website. The Google ads helped to pay for my website costs.

I am continuing to include affiliate advertising for Amazon Books as I think pattern books are useful to the weaver and craftsperson. All of the links to books, etc are text-based only. No personal information is passes on to Amazon.
Amazon – Amazon Privacy Notice

I also include links to used equipment, fibres and yarns via EBay. Again, these links are text-based only and do not pass on other information to EBay.
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The commissions that I receive from these affiliate links help to pay for some of my website running costs.

I will be adding a Donation option soon. If you find the information useful, I would appreciate if you could donate a small sum (to buy me a coffee or a ball of wool).

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