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How to Scour Cotton & Linen

The secret to successful natural dyeing of cellulose fibres, yarns and fabrics such as cotton and linen is thorough scouring. The scouring process removes natural oils, waxes and pectins from the fibre so that the dyes can penetrate the fibre more readily.

Fungi Dye: Boletopsis Grisea

Boletopsis grisea Fungi Dyed Yarn

Boletopsis grisea Mushroom Dye FI – Sudenkaapa SW -tallgraticka Alum Mordant 3 litres water 25 grams alum 10 grams cream of Tartar Bring to boil and then let cool 100 gram wool yarn tied in skeins Rinse the clean washed yarn in cool water Add the yarn into the cool mordant bath and bring it… Continue reading Fungi Dye: Boletopsis Grisea