Raanu Matto

Raanu Samples

Raanu weavings use a cotton warp and a wool weft. The wool weft yarns are generally quite fine and many colours are used to create the complex designs of this weft-faced rep weave.

Vintage Raanu

Raanu Matto
Raanu Matto

Woven by: Kaija Haikara
36″ x 65″
Warp: Cotton
Sett: 6 epi
Weft: wool singles
24 ppi

Raanu – Poro
Warp: cotton
Sett: 12 epi
Weft: rayon boucle

Raanu - Poro
Raanu – Poro
Raanu - Poro
Raanu – Poro

Sometimes tapestry style wall hangings can also be called ‘Raanu’ in Finnish. This example was woven using a twill tapestry technique. The ground weave is tabby and the tapestry design is woven in twill weave using boucle yarns to give it a textured surface.

Eija Koivumaa
Eija Koivumaa weaves weft-faced Raanu, takana, doubleweave pickup and other Finnish textiles.
Raanu Minimalist Design
Wynne Mattila Raanu

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