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Paivi Suomi

Urine Fleece & Dyes

Dye Vat

Urine, Fleece and Dyes Weavers, spinners and dyers might be considered a bit odd in this day and age of computers and ready-made, mass-produced articles. We like to start with the base […]

Indigo Fructose Dye Vat

Indigo Dye Yarns

This is another method for making an Indigo Fructose Dye Vat that I developed using ideas from Michel Garcia’s 1-2-3 Indigo vat and J.N. Liles Indigo dye recipes – using Calcium Oxide […]

Indigo Dye Cakes

Indigo Dye Cakes

Natural Indigo can be purchased as a ground powder or in cake form that needs to be ground into a fine powder before using. There are a few methods on how this […]

Finnish Rya Rugs

Ryijy Hopea pajukuja

Finnish Rya Rugs Finnish Textiles – Rya Rugs Here are a few examples of vintage Finnish rya rugs. The pile for a rya rug or tapestry is woven or sewn onto a […]

Raanu Samples

Raanu Matto

Raanu weavings use a cotton warp and a wool weft. The wool weft yarns are generally quite fine and many colours are used to create the complex designs of this weft-faced rep […]