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Paivi Suomi

My Etsy Shop 2023


My Etsy Shop – Paivatar Yarns I have had a shop on Etsy for over 10 years and have loved the experience. I have met so many wonderful customers and Sellers throughout […]

Rya Rug – Hameenlinna 1711

Hameenlinna 1711 Rya Rug

Finnish Folk Rya – Hämeenlinna 1711 152 cm x 188 cmWarp: HempWeft: Woolen# Threads between Pile rows: 12Rya Pile Length: 1.5 cm# Threads per Knot: 6Owner Galerie Horhammer, HelsinkiDeposited in Finnish National […]

FB IG and Meta


Facebook Instagram and a Possible Scam I have had an Instagram account for a few years now – where I post pictures and short videos of my crafts work, handspun yarns, band […]

Sami Shoe Bands

Sámi Shoe Bands

Sámi Shoe Bands Shell Bands, Skallebånd, Vuoddagat, PaulanauhatShoe bands were woven by the Sámi and are worn to prevent snow from getting into your boots. One end of the band is tied […]

Indian Berberry Dye

Indian Berberry Yellow

Indian Berberry Dye – Berberris Aristata Indian Berberry (Berberine) dye comes from the roots and stems of the Indian Barberry plant. The natural plant dye can be purchased as a pre-ground powder. […]