Ryijy Hopea pajukuja

Finnish Rya Rugs

Finnish Rya Rugs

Finnish Textiles – Rya Rugs
Here are a few examples of vintage Finnish rya rugs. The pile for a rya rug or tapestry is woven or sewn onto a wool backing. A rya is traditionally hung on a wall as a tapestry and not used on the floor as it is not durable for floor use.
The sett of the warp and number of weft rows and knots per inch can vary in a rya, depending on the level of detail of the design.

Rya - Golden Rings
Rya – Golden Rings

45″ x 65″
Warp: linen
Sett: 6 epi
Weft: 2 ply wool
horizontal – 3 knots per inch
vertical – 3 knots per inch
6 rows Tabby between each row of knots
Pile length – 1.5 inches

Ryijy Hopea pajukuja
Ryijy Hopea pajukuja

Hopea Pajukuja
Silver Willow Lane
Warp: linen
Sett: 10 epi
Weft: 2 ply wool
Horizontal: 5 knots/inch
Vertical: 3 knots/inch
3 strands yarn per knot
Pile Length: 1 inch

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