Raglan Jumper Pattern

Raglan Jumper Pt 2

Raglan Jumper Knitting Pattern
Part 2 – Knitting Instructions: Body and Sleeves

Note: Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit. There may be sections where there are two shapings to work at the same time (such as necklines or waist shaping).

1. Cast on 116 sts [128,138,150] on size 10 circular needle. Join the circle, taking care not to twist the stitches. Mark the side ‘seams’ at the beginning and at the halfway point(58 sts)[64,69,75]. Work in K1P1 ribbing for 2.5 ins. Inc 4 [4,4 ,6] sts evenly across the round to 120 sts [132,142,156]total.
2. Change to size 8 circular needle and Stocking Stitch. Work even until piece measures 16.2 [16.9,16.9,17.2]ins (69 rounds)[72,72,73], excluding hem.

1. Cast on 22 sts [24,25,26] on size 10 dp needles. Join the circle, taking care not to twist the stitches. Mark the ‘seam’ at the beginning of the round. Work in K1P1 ribbing for 2.0 ins.[2.00,2.3,2.3] Inc 17 sts [19,21,23] evenly across the round to 39 sts [43,46,49] total.
2. Change to size 8 dp needles and Stocking Stitch.
3. Work even until sleeve measures 14.5 ins [14.7,14.7,14.7] (62 rounds)[63,63,63], excluding hem.
4. Place these sts on a holder and work the second sleeve.

Raglan Sleeve
Raglan Sleeve

1. Mark the front so you know which part of the body it is.
2. Underarm sts (four sets). Transfer 6[6,6 ,8] sts to a holder, centred at each of the four ‘seam’ markers on the body and the sleeves. These sts will be left unworked until the top shaping is complete, then sewn or grafted together to join the body and sleeve at the armhole.
3. Hold (and temporarily pin) the sleeves beside the body (all right side out), with the underarm sts and ‘seams’ matching. With the right side facing, and starting where the back meets the left sleeve, pick up and knit sts as follows: 33 [37,40,41] from the left sleeve, 54[60,65,70] from the front, 33 [37,40,41]from the right sleeve and 54[60,65,70] from the back. Total 174 sts [194,210,222]. At the same time, place four markers for the raglan shaping, one at each boundary between body and sleeve. Reminder: do NOT work the underarm sts.

Raglan Jumper Pattern
Part 1 – Size Chart
Part 2 – Body/Sleeves
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