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10 Steps: Front to Back Warp

10 Steps to Warping – Step 1 – Front to Back Warping Method
There are lots of different ways to warp a loom. If you use another method, that’s great! The objective is to find a method that is most comfortable and easy to use for you. I will describe a method that I use when warping from Front-to-Back.

Step 1 – Choose Your Project and Yarns
First, you will need to determine how wide and long you want your project to be and what type of yarn you will be using. For beginners, it is advisable to choose a pre-determined pattern so that some of the calculations will be done for you already. Links to some patterns and projects are listed on our site.

There are also many handweaving books and magazines on the market. I include selected weaving book selections below. Check with your local library, take a class through a local weaving guild.
or the many hand picked books we suggest via Amazon. And of course, if you have questions, stop by our All Fiber Arts Facebook Page where we will all be happy to help you get started.

10 Steps to Warping
Step 1: FTB Warping. Front to Back Warp Method. Choose your project and yarns.
Step 2: Sett. Determine the sett of your cloth, or how many threads per inch the fabric will be.
Step 3: Reed. Choose the reed that best fits your project pattern.
Step 4: Yarn Calculations. Calculate how much yarn you will need.
Step 5: Wind the Warp.
Step 6: Warp Chain.
Step 7: Sley the Reed.
Step 8: Thread the Heddles.
Step 9: Wind Warp.
Step 10: Tie Warp.
Congratulations! Now you a ready to Weave!

Hand Weaving Books
Weaving on a Little Loom (Everything you need to know to get started with weaving, includes 5 simple projects
The Key to Weaving: A Textbook of Hand Weaving for the Beginning Weaver
The Weaver’s Companion (The Companion Series)
Learning to Weave
The Big Book of Weaving: Handweaving in the Swedish Tradition: Techniques, Patterns, Designs and Materials