Thread Heddles

10 Steps to Warp: Thread Heddles

10 Steps to Warping – Step 8 Thread the Heddles
When all of the warp ends have been sleyed through the reed, I move to the back of the loom.
To make it easier to reach the heddles, the back beam on most looms can be removed or moved forward. I tape a copy of the threading draft to the loom for reference as I thread the heddles.

I thread starting from the right hand side of the loom and work to the left.
I find it quickest to work in groups of 4 threads at a time.
Following the draft, I select the next 4 heddles in the pattern sequence and move them to the right.
I pick up the next 4 threads from the back of the reed and place each thread between the fingers of my left hand (being right handed)
I hold these 4 threads under tension (to the left of the 4 selected heddles.
The threading hook is held in my right hand. Slip the threading hook through the first heddle in the pattern sequence and pick up the
rightmost thread of your left hand and draw it through the heddle. Move the threading hook into the next heddle of the pattern sequence, pick up the next rightmost thread of your left hand, and draw through the heddle eye. Repeat for the remaining 2 threads in your left hand.

Thread Heddles
Thread Heddles

Select the next 4 heddles of the pattern sequence and move them to the right. Pick up the next
4 threads from the reed and repeat.

Twill Draft
Twill Draft

After each pattern group, I double check the threading, trying to catch any threading errors I
might have made. As some yarns can be quite slippery, I also tie each group of ends that have
been threaded with an overhand knot.

Tie Warp Ends to Apron Rod

Once all the ends have been threaded, they are then tied to the apron rod of the back beam.
Pick up a group of threads (about 1 inch) and slip them over the back rod. Split the bundle in
two and bring the ends under and back up. Tie a knot and secure it with another

10 Steps to Warping
Step 1: FTB Warping. Front to Back Warp Method. Choose your project and yarns.
Step 2: Sett. Determine the sett of your cloth, or how many threads per inch the fabric will be.
Step 3: Reed. Choose the reed that best fits your project pattern.
Step 4: Yarn Calculations. Calculate how much yarn you will need.
Step 5: Wind the Warp.
Step 6: Warp Chain.
Step 7: Sley the Reed.
Step 8: Thread the Heddles.
Step 9: Wind Warp onto back beam.
Step 10: Tie Warp.

Congratulations! Now you a ready to Weave!

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