Crochet Bowls Patterns

Crochet Bowel
Crochet Bowel

Hemp Crochet Bowl
Crochet bowls are a fun project for a beginner and use up odd bits of hemp yarn from my stash.
I crocheted this bowl using one of the crochet bowl patterns below.

For this crochet bowl I used a hemp yarn and size 3.5 crochet hook.

I have recently discovered double ended crochet hooks by Knit Pro Symfonie which I love. They are made from birch wood and come in lovely colors. Since I mostly tend to work with thicker yarns and handspun wools, the set of 5 hooks ranging in 10 sizes from 3.0 mm – 8 mm gives me the variety of sizes that I need.

Crochet Bowl
Crochet Bowl

Free Crochet Basket and Bowl Patterns

Crochet Fabric Bowl
Crochet a bowl with strips of narrow fabric.
Crochet Lace Bowl
A lovely bowl in a lacey crochet pattern.
Felt Crochet Bowl
Using leftover wool from your yarn stash, crochet a bowl and felt it.

Crochet Bowls
A basic pattern for a crochet bowl – use your imagination.
Crochet Bowl Pattern
A free crochet pattern for a bowl with a scalloped edge.
Crochet Nesting Bowls
Crochet several bowls in different colours and sizes.

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