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Doc in Scrubs Amigurumi

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Doc in Scrubs

Amigurumi figures are quite easy and fun to make, even for a beginner crocheter. You only need to know 3 crochet stitches, CH – chain stitch, SL St – Slip Stitch and SC – single crochet.
This crochet pattern uses US crochet notation.
For UK: SC (single crochet) = DC (double crochet)
How to increase stitches:
Crochet 2 stitches in the same stitch
How to decrease stitches:
Skip a stitch and crochet in the next stitch

This is a basic pattern for an Amigurumi figure and can be easily adapted by making legs, arms, or body longer or shorter. You can make the body fatter by adding another row of increases, or thinner by reducing the number of decreases in a row.

This is a free Amigurumi doll crochet design for a doctor dressed in scrubs.
I used a Double Knitting weight cotton yarn for this crochet project.
Wendy Supreme 100% Luxury Cotton Yarn
DK Weight
200 meters/100 gram
Substitute by using any yarn of a similar weight. If you use a thicker or thinner yarn the finished doll will be a different size.
Size 3 mm crochet hook


Make 2
Ch 2
1: 6 SC in 2nd st
2: SC, 2SC in next st, repeat to end (9)
3: SC in each st (9)
Change to blue yarn
4: SC in each st (9)
5: SC in back loop of st , repeat around (9)
6: (Decrease 1 stitch) Sc, Skip 1 st, SC in next st, SC to end (8)
7: SC in each st (8)
Rows 8-17: SC in each st (8)
(If you would like longer legs add more rows)
Sl st and cut off end

Repeat for Leg 2
Ending with sl st
Do not cut yarn

To Join onto leg 1:
Put hook through st on leg 1 and SC
(This joins Leg 2 to Leg 1)
(Continuing on Leg 1) SL st in next st, 4 times
You will now be at the side of Leg 1
This is the start of the bottom of the body
Stuff the Legs

Amigurumi Legs
Amigurumi Legs

1: SC in each st (16)
2: SC in next st, 2 times, 2 SC in next st, repeat around (24)
(If you would like a thicker body, add another row of increases here)
Rows 3 – 6: SC in each st (24)
7: SC in back loop of st, around (24)
If you would like a thicker body add another one or two rows of increased stitches (increase 6 stitches evenly across the row)

Rows 8-12: SC in each st
(If you would like a longer body, add rows here)
13: SC, SC, sk 1 st, SC (18)
14: SC,SC,SC, sk 1 st, SC (12)
Stuff the Body

Change yarn to skin tone body colour
15: SC around (12)
16: SC, 2 SC in next st, around (18)
17: SC,SC, 2 SC in next st, around (24)
18: SC, SC, SC, 2 SC in next st, around (36)
Rows 19 – 20: SC around (36)
21: (SC, SC, SC, skip 1 stitch) repeat around (24)
22: (SC, SC, skip 1 stitch) repeat around (18)
23: (SC, skip 1 stitch) repeat around (12)

Stuff the Head
If you want to use Safety Eyes put these in place before you complete the head.
If this doll is intended for children under 3, Safety Eyes are not safe. It is better to embroider the eyes on after the head has been completed.

24: (SC, skip 1 stitch) repeat around (6)
25: (SC, skip 1 stitch) repeat around
Cut yarn end and sew together

Amigurumi body
Amigurumi body


Make 2
Starting with the ‘magic circle’, using skin tone color yarn, CH2
1: SC 6 stitches in 2nd chain from hook
2: SC, 2 SC in next stitch, around (9)
3: (SC, sc,skip 1 stitch,) twice, SC (7)
Rows 4 – 10: SC around (7)
(Make arms longer (or shorter) by adding more rows here)
6: Change to Blue Yarn, SC around (7)
7: SC in back loop of stitch, around (7)
Rows 8-10: SC around
Cut yarn.
Stuff the arm
Sew onto the side of the body.

Tunic Pattern

To make clothing I make the garment the same number of stitches around as the largest part of the body, but use a slightly larger crochet hook size.
For this doll the maximum width of the body was 24 stitches, so I made a chain of 24 stitches using a No 4 mm crochet hook size. Check this by wrapping the chain around the body to make sure it fits.
Join the chain together.
Row 1: SC around (24)
Rows 2-10: SC around (24)
Add or decrease additional rows as you wish, until the garment reaches just under the armpit of the doll.
Now you will be crocheting the rest of the shirt in two sections, front and back, rather than in the round.

11: SC across 12 stitches
12: turn, CH 1, SC across 11 stitches
repeat row 12, 4 times or until you reach the neckline.
Break the yarn.

11: Join the yarn at the armpit of the other side and
SC across 12 stitches
12: turn, CH 1, SC across 11 stitches
repeat row 12, 4 times or until you reach the neckline.
Break the yarn.

Put the shirt onto the doll and attach the shoulders together with a few slip stitches.

If you would like to add sleeves to the shirt you can pick up the stitches around the armhole of the shirt and crochet a sleeve.

Dr Who Amigurumi
Dr Who Amigurumi


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