Felted cat bed

My cat loves wool and crawling into small places to nap. I have many bags of wool so I thought I should make her a own special place to hide from dog and curl up.

I am using the wet felting method to make this cat cave. This project will take about 6 hours to do, and because you will be felting quite a bit of wet wool, it can get quite heavy to work with so take frequent breaks. You may want to complete this project over 2 days. It is fine to leave the wet felt overnight and complete the felting process the next day.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Start by making a thin layer of wool roving over the felting mat approx 24″ square.
Add 3 or 4 more layers of wool roving crossing them in opposite directions.
Place a fine mesh cloth over the wool and spray with warm soapy water.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Rub gently and add more soapy water until the wool begins to felt.
Gently remove the mesh cloth.
This will be the bottom of the cat bed.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Cut a piece of thick plastic such as from a heavy plastic bag into an oval shape approx. 20″ x 24″ to use as a form for the cat pod.
Place this over the previously felted wool.
Add another 3-4 layers of wool roving over the form so that it extends over the plastic form about 2 inches around.

Lay the mesh cloth over the wool roving.
Add some warm soapy water and again rub the wool roving until this begins to felt.
Remove the mesh cloth.
Fold and Tuck the ends of the wool roving under the form.
Fold the edges of the bottom layer over the top.
Yes, the plastic form will be left inside the two layers.

Felt Cat Bed

Felt Cat Bed

Place the felt piece inside the bamboo felt mat and continue rolling.
Open the felting mat occasionally, spray with more soapy water and turn the felt piece around so that the felting occurs evenly.
Keep rolling and felting.
Eventually the wool will begin to shrink and the edges of the cat cave will start to curl up.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

You can now cut a small hole into the felted cat bed and carefully remove the plastic form.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Roll the felt piece back into the bamboo felting mat and continue to roll and felt until the wool becomes quite hard and firm.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Place the felted wool into a sink filled with hot water and continue to felt and agitate the wool to continue the felting process.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Run cold tap water over the felted piece and continue to shape the wool into a ball shape.
The cold water will help to harden the wool so that it holds its shape.

Felt Cat Bed
Felt Cat Bed

Stuff the inside of the felted cat pod with plastic bags so that the cat bed holds its shape while it dries.
Yes, this felted cat bed can be washed. Wash it by hand in warm soapy water and rinse. You can gently turn it inside out to wash and clean the inside as well.
Roll the cat bed into a towel and squeeze or step on it to remove the excess water.
Stuff the bed with plastic bags and push it back into shape. Place it in a warm place to dry.

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