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5G and Me

5G WIFI and Me

The UK is converting communications systems to the 5G Network. Regular copper phone lines are being removed and are being replaced with fibre optic cable. Last month Full Fibre was installed in our neighbourhood, enabling us to have fast internet. 5G is also being installed in our area.

I realize that the 5G EMF safety discussion is controversial. Since installation, I have run into some worrisome health issues. I wasn’t really sure what was happening so I did a bit of research, testing and modifications to my way of working. I am posting this article because this has been my recent experience, which does make me wonder about the safety issues of 5G WIFI.

I was very happy about this change in communications because I run a website and was thinking about Live streaming, so faster broadband/internet was welcome.

5G Installation

Full Fibre and 5G were installed about a month ago (Dec. 23) The fibre optic cable runs underground and the BT installer connected the cable directly to our house. I was very happy because I can now do Live streaming and teaching workshops online. I have had a bit of a learning curve to get it all working. And also had to purchase more equipment – webcams, microphones and cables.

When the BT installer connected the Fibre optic line, he also installed a new modem/router… 5G. This is when my problems started. My office was located downstairs and the old modem/router(4G) was also in the same room (about 5-6 feet away from me). The new 5G modem/router was installed about am arm’s length away from me. The next day about an hour after I started to work on my PC, I started to get a bad headache. I couldn’t work long and had to go outside for a walk. The following day, the same thing happened. At that point I did a bit of googling about EMF and 5G side effects. (Reference Links will be provided below.)

I moved furniture around in my sewing room and moved my desk and PC to the upstairs room to be farther away from the router. The headaches stopped but I continued to have an odd sort of dizziness that seems to come in waves. The BT installer had also given us a 5G WIFI booster to help ‘improve’ the WIFI signal throughout the house. I turned that off. I have disconnected all WIFI that I had in the bedroom, Alexa, Bluetooth speakers etc. My 4G phone doesn’t have a great signal again but I can live with that. I now to remember to put my cell phone into airplane mode when I’m not using it and I try to stop checking it every few minutes. I do think that mobile phones have become an addiction.

Moved from WIFI to LAN Connections

I purchased additional high shielded LAN cables and connectors so that my pc and laptops now connect through the LAN ports and not WIFI. The signal strength is also better when connected directly to the fibre optic line. I have now had an additional outdoor shielded LAN cable installed in my studio. The studio is a brick building and doesn’t receive any WIFI signals (or very little) so.. good news.. I can connect to the internet and stream safely in there. I continue to have some dizziness when I am in the house. When that occurs I go out to the studio and my head and body seem to clear within a few minutes. My weaving studio is now my ‘safe’ zone.

5G Network

The 5G cell network is also being expanded throughout the UK. If you look above lamp posts, etc you may notice small 5G transmitters sitting on top. Many stores and shops have had 5G installed. It is my understanding that all cash register scanners emit EMF signals (I could be wrong..)


A few months ago our local Tesco grocery store was renovated. New lighting, more cashiers replaced by scanners, additional cameras. I have had problems walking around Tesco since the renovations were made. I would start to feel dizzy as I walked down the aisles. I thought perhaps it was my new eyeglass prescription, so I would have to go outside and my husband would have to finish the shopping. I could walk through other grocery stores so I think my prescription is ok. Now thinking about it, this could be effects from the 5G systems that have been installed.


I was in the H&M shop a few months ago to buy something for my granddaughter and noticed that I didn’t see any employees in the shop. I had wanted some assistance in finding something. I went to the cash register and there was one employee and 5 checkout scanners. I asked the employee where all the staff are. She replied – There aren’t any. There are now cameras all over the shop watching everything. She said the staff hadn’t been there to help the consumer but to stop shoplifters. I did have something in my hand that I wanted to buy so I asked her to ring it up for me. She directed me to the scanner and asked me to do it myself. I said no, and asked her to do it. She reluctantly agreed and took my order. She said she was only there to fix the scanners if something goes wrong. I will not be shopping at H&M anymore.

EMF and Dental Implants

I think a possible reason for my extreme sensitivity to EMF (Electro Magnetic Field radiation) is that I have several dental implants (titanium) so these are acting as antenna to EMF radiation fields.. the dental implants are close to my brain of course. Others around me don’t seem to be affected at all, so this is currently my only plausible explanation.

EMF Clothing

I have also purchased some EMF protective clothing – this does seem to help. When I put the ‘magic silver hat’ on, the headache stops in a few minutes. I wear the neck scarf to shield my teeth – not to protect me from the mystery bugs.
I went to a local pub a few days ago, to have some lunch and listen to a bit of live music. I forgot my magic hat at home. After lunch, I started to get the odd dizziness again. I looked around and several people had their cell phones on. When the music started folks turned their phones off and the dizziness subsided – and started again during intermission when mobile phones were being used again.

The hats and neck scarves I purchased are made with 50% silver fibre and 50% Beechwood fabric. I am embellishing these with a bit of Sami band weaving. (Never, ever thought I would become a ‘crazy tin hat lady’.) I am finding this to be a bit of an alarming situation – to now have to wear a ‘suit of armour’ to walk in my neighbourhood.

EMF Bloc Hat
EMF Bloc Hat

I will be doing some more investigations on how EMF clothing is made, and is it possible for a handweaver to make this type of cloth. Perhaps lots of pewter embroidery might work?

EMF References:

I have moved the Reference Links to EMF and 5G to another post because this post is getting too long. Mobile phones etc seem to prefer shorter post lengths. 5G Safety and The Big Question So… if there is some evidence that 4G / 5G and even higher levels of EMF could be dangerous to human and other wildlife health, why are we proceeding with this ‘advancement in technology?

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