Glimakra Band Loom

Glimakra Band Loom

The latest loom to enter my loom collection is a 2 shaft band loom made by Glimakra. I like to weave narrow bands using a small, hand held rigid hedddle, but I am hopeful that a band loom will make the band weaving process more efficient.

Finnish Band Loom

The Glimakra band loom arrived (Ikea style) in a box, as an assortment of wooden sticks and a one page diagram of how to put the bits together.
After a bit of pondering, I sorted the wooden bits into sections.

Band Loom Bits
Band Loom Heddles and Sticks
Band Loom Pieces

Once I had all the pieces sorted, it was fairly easy to assemble the loom following the diagram provided.
I slid the 2 shaft sections into the 2 center pieces and attached them with the 2 screws provided.
Then I attached the front and back pieces to the side panels of the loom.

Band Loom Assembly
Glimakra Band Loom Assembly

The foot pedals are attached to the 2 shafts with the texsolv that has been provided, and tied to the side panels with the leather strips.

Band Loom Foot Pedals
Band Loom Foot Pedal

My Glimakra Band Loom is ready to go!

Glimakra Band Loom

My First Band Loom Warp
I wanted to weave some fine tape for sewing hanging loops for tea towels that I have been weaving.

Warp: 16/2 cotton
Warp length: 2.5 meters
Weft: 16/2 cotton

Red Tape Weaving Draft
Weaving Red Tape on Band Loom
Woven Red Tape
Tape and Tea Towels

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