Lace Knitting

Knitted Edging Patterns

A free knitting pattern for a lace knitted edging.

This sample was knit using 3 ply hemp in bleached white.

This edging is worked crosswise.

Cast on 9 sts.

Row 1
Knit 9 sts.
Row 2
Sl1, K2, (K2 tog, yo)twice, K1, yo, K1
Row 3
Knit across (10 sts)
Row 4
Sl1, K1, (K2 tog, yo) twice, K3, yo, K1
Row 5
Knit across (11 sts)
Row 6
Sl1, K2, (K2 tog, yo) twice, K 5, yo, K1
Row 7
Knit across (12 sts)
Row 8
Sl1, K2, (yo, K2 tog) twice, K1, K2 tog, you, K2 tog
Row 9
Knit across (11 sts)
Row 10
S1l, K3, yo, K2 tog, yo, K3 tog, yo, K2 tog
Row 11
Knit across (10 sts)
Row 12
Sl1, K4, yo, K 3 tog, yo, K2 tog
Repeat From Row 1 for desired length.

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