Russian Join Technique

Russian Join
Russian Join

What is a Russian join? A Russian join is a very effective way to join 2 yarn ends without using a knot.

The Russian Join technique works well on any type of plied yarn, especially when the yarn doesn’t felt, such as for cotton, linen or superwash wool yarns. It can be used for knitting and crochet. I also like to use this method for nalbinding.

How to Russian Join Yarn
Step 1:
Thread a needle with one of the yarns you wish to join.
Work the needle back through the yarn for about an inch.

How to Make A Russian Join – 1

Step 2:

Thread the needle and Pull the thread through, leaving a loop in the yarn end.

How to Make A Russian Join – 2

Step 3:
Thread the second yarn end through the loop.

How to Make A Russian Join – 3

Step 4:

Work the needle back through the second yarn end for about an inch.

How to Make A Russian Join – 4

Step 5:
Pull the needle through the yarn, forming a second loop.

How to Make A Russian Join – 5

Pull gently on both yarn ends to close the loops.

How to Make A Russian Join – 6
How to Make A Russian Join – 7

You can now trim the yarn ends leaving you with a neatly joined yarn.

Nalbinding – the Russian Join

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