Hemp Towel

Weaving Project – Hemp Towel

This project uses 3 ply natural and 1/2 bleached hemp as warp (1500 ypp). The red coloured blocks are 22/2 cottolin. If you don’t have any hemp available, you can substitute with 22/2 cottolin for the complete warp. The weft is natural single ply hemp. Again, you may substitute with a singles linen.

This design works well as towels or as placemats. The blocks and stripes are very versatile and the design can be easily altered by increasing or decreasing the number of blocks or their size. This is a doubleweave structure where the warp threads create design blocks that are reversed on the back of the cloth.

Hemp Towel
Hemp Towel
Hemp Towel
Hemp Towel

Weaving Draft

Hemp Block Weaving Draft
Hemp Block Weaving Draft


  • Sett: 24 epi
    Width: 20 inches
    Takeup and Shrinkage: 15%
    Warp Length: 4 yards
    Warp Yarns
    Natural hemp 775 yd
    Bleached Hemp 775 yd
    Red Cottolin 368 yd
    Weft Yarn: Single ply hemp or linen – 1600 yd
    Border Edges – 1.5 inches

Alternate Natural & 1/2 Bleached hemp
18 ends Natural Brown Hemp (D-Dark)
18 ends 1/2 Bleached Hemp(L-Light)
(Or substitute with a light & dark shade of cottolin)
The Dark Hemp is threaded on shafts 2 & 4
The lighter bleached hemp is threaded on shafts 1 & 3
This is a double weave structure. When woven the darker shade will show up on one side of the fabric and the lighter shade will be on the reverse.

Red Blocks
Each Red Block is 1/2″ wide
12 Ends
separated by 8 ends of the natural/bleached hemp.
In this double weave structure, the 6 Red ends are threaded on shafts 5 & 7 and the natural hemp is threaded on shafts 6 & 8. This results in the red blocks showing up on one side of the fabric and the natural hemp on the reverse.

Hand Spinning Hemp with a Distaff

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