Dimity Cord Weave

Dimity Cord Draft
Dimity Cord Draft

Dimity Cord is an interesting weave structure that produces lines of cord and crepe, depending on the width of the pattern blocks. The vertical stripes alternate between a 1:2 twill wave and an imperfect tabby.

I used the dimity cord draft to weave silk scarves. Each pattern block was 1/2 inch in width. You can adjust the width of the stripes to suit your taste.

Dimity Scarf
Dimity Scarf

This project makes 2 scarves, each with a finished length of approx. 72″ plus fringe.

Warp: 30/2 Silk
Warp length: 6 yd
# Ends: 260
Sett: 30 epi
Weft: 30/2 Silk
PPI: 30
Width in Reed: 8.5″
Finished Width: 6.5″

Allow for an 6″ fringe before beginning your scarf. Weave for 72″ following the treadling plan, using 30/2 silk weft, or another yarn of similar weight. Leave an allowance of 12″ for fringe between the first and second scarf.
After weaving the second scarf allow another 6 inches for fringe.

Dimity Cord Draft

Finish the edges by making a Twisted Fringe. Wash both scarves and dry. Iron.

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