Mirror Warp

Weaving: Mirror Warp Throw

The technique of Mirror warping and overdyeing is a great way to use up leftover yarns to weave a scarf or a throw.

For this throw project, you can search through your yarn stash for all your odd colours of yarns, that you don’t know what to do with. Try to use yarns of similar weights and fibre types. Such as all wools, or cottons. The colours don’t have to be co-ordinated, because you will be overdyeing them, so colour clashes are great for this project.

Mirror Warp
When weaving a mirror warp, your warp should be twice as long and half as wide as a normal warp and you will need to put a Cross at BOTH ENDS of the warp. When threading the warp to the loom, you will fold the warp in half and thread both ends of the warp onto the loom, creating a mirror image of the warp.

Mirror Warp
Mirror Warp

Mirror Warp Throw Pattern
To weave a standard wool throw, I use the following measurements:
Warp Yarn: 2 ply fine wool
Sett: 8 epi
Width in Reed: 45″
No. Ends: 8 x 45 = 360 Ends
Warp length: 3 yards

To convert this to a Mirror Warp double the length of the warp yarn
and reduce the number of ends required by 50%
Sett: 8 epi
Width in Reed: 45″
No. Ends: 360/2 = 180 Ends
Warp Length: 3 x 2 = 6 yards
Wind all of the warp on the warping board or mill.

Overdyed Warp
You can use up leftover warp yarns of different colours, and overdye the all of them with another colour. This will create a harmonious blend of warp colours.

If you are overdyeing the warp, Tie the crosses loosely but securely. Also add additional ties to the warp chains at one yard intervals. Remember to put crosses at both ends of the warp. You will be overdyeing the whole warp, so make sure that the ties are secure but loose.
Once the dyed warp has dried, you can now thread your loom.

Mirror Warp Throw – with Overdyed Warp Yarns.

Mirror Warp Throw
Mirror Warp Throw

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