Alkanet Root Dye

Alkanet Dye

Alkanet Root Dye Recipe for Linen, Cotton and Cellulose FibresAlkana Tinctoria for 100 grams of fibre20 grams Alkanet Root Rhubarb Dye PowderSoak the Alkanet in a glass jar overnight with a bit of alcohol. This helps to release the dye pigment from the Alkanet. I leave the jar outside as the alcohol fumes can be… Continue reading Alkanet Root Dye

Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf

Eucalyptus Leaf Dyed Silk Scarf

Having read India Flint’s wonderful book on eco colour and printing, I discovered that you can get some beautiful natural dyes using Eucalyptus leaves. So during a recent holiday in Corfu, I gathered a bag full of Eucalyptus leaves from the trees that were growing along the roadsides and thought I would give it a… Continue reading Eucalyptus Dyed Scarf

Natural Dyes – Black Bean Dye Recipe

Wool Dyed with Black Beans

I had heard that it was possible to dye yarns using black beans but have never tried it before so last week when I went grocery shopping I looked for some. I purchased a 500 gram bag of Turtle Black Beans from my local Waitrose grocery store. I placed all of the beans into a… Continue reading Natural Dyes – Black Bean Dye Recipe

Sandalwood Natural Dye Recipe

Red Sandalwood Pterocarpus antalinus Red Sandalwood comes for a tree native to India and Indonesia. The dyestuff is from the heartwood and yields oranges, browns and auburn shades of colour. Time Required: 3 hours Use clean, premordanted wool or yarn. Measure the sandalwood (200% WOG) into a small dish. Add alcohol to cover and let… Continue reading Sandalwood Natural Dye Recipe