How to Weave Pickup on a Band Loom

band loom pickup

Further to my previous article about weaving pickup on a band loom, there is a quicker method that you can use. Previously, I had woven the pickup by individually picking up each pattern thread by hand. This method works but it is slow and is prone to errors, as it takes a lot of concentration… Continue reading How to Weave Pickup on a Band Loom

Karelian Crafts

Karelian Basketry Birchbark basket weaving. Leno Lace Pickup A special type of lace pickup weave technique. Blue Skirts, Golden Belts Ancient Land of Karelians One of the traditional crafts of Karelia was splinter or birchbark weaving. Heikinpaiva 2002 The craft of birchbark weaving is taught at the Finnish Festival in Michigan. Karelian Crafts Karelian weaving,… Continue reading Karelian Crafts

Double Slot Weaving Reed

Double Slot Weaving Reed

I found this Sami weaving reed in a small craft shop in Sweden. It is used to weave traditional Sami style belts and bands. The reed is similar to a standard rigid heddle but has an extra set of slots that are designed to carry the pattern warp. The regular holes and slots carry the… Continue reading Double Slot Weaving Reed