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Nalbinding Handwarmers Pattern

Nalbinding Handwarmers

Naalbinding Handwarmers Pattern

A Naalbinding pattern to stitch a pair of hand warmers using the Finnish 2+2 Stitch. In the Finnish 2 plus 2 stitch, after picking up the new stitch from the previous row, 2 loops are picked up from behind the thumb, the needle is turned counter-clockwise and 2 remaining stitches are picked up from on the thumb.… Read more...

FB IG and Meta


Facebook Instagram and a Possible Scam

I have had an Instagram account for a few years now – where I post pictures and short videos of my crafts work, handspun yarns, band weaving, plant dyed yarns etc, and I love to see what others are creating as well.… Read more...