Wet Felting Project – Felted Cushion Cover

Wet Felted Pillow Cushion

This is a project to felt and sew a hand felted cushion cover.

Materials used:
Wool roving for making felt
approx 1 yard of cotton fabric
16 inch zipper
19 inch pillow form

Hand made Felt
To make the felt top for this pillow, I made a large piece of felt approx 24 inches square.… Read more...

Felting Project – Felt Necklace

Wet Felted Necklace

This easy felting project makes a felted necklace with a bit of handspun yarn, crochet and wool roving.

I had a bit of leftover handspun single spun merino wool yarn that I crocheted for the base of the necklace.… Read more...