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For many years, I have been using Feedburner to keep my viewers updated with the latest updates to my Website.
I had quite a large subscriber base. Some months ago, Google made changes to Feedburner and many of my Subscribers were lost in the changeover.
I did not keep track of who you were, as I did not need to know your private details, and the news subscription seemed to be working quite fine.

I have now decided to bring this Subscription list ‘in-house’ and am starting a new Newsletter service.
I will send out Newsletters by email whenever I have new content to share with you.
If you would like to keep informed, please Subscribe.

Thank you

I have now managed to recover some of the Google Feedburner Subscriber list, so I will be adding those addresses to my Newsletter list.
If you wish to Unsubscribe at any time, please send me an email.