Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5

Sunna 5 Kit

Sami Band Weaving is characterized by its complexity of geometric patterns that can be woven using simple tools.These 5 thread Saami band weaving patterns can be woven on a variety of different styles of Saami heddles such as the Beaivi, the Sunna or standard weaving heddles. In this pattern collection I am using a Sunna… Continue reading Saami Band Weaving Drafts- Sunna 5

A Weaver’s Poem

To Suzanne On the loom a warp The weft to yet be woven threads to be chosen In time, the colours vivid on display Yet colour blind I couldn’t see the form you were weaving At last the artwork left to God I seek another view I touch the fabric silky soft strength yielding, yet… Continue reading A Weaver’s Poem