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All Fiber Arts Chat Page

This is currently a test page for Live Chat.
Several years ago, when I first started this website, we used to have a weekly Chat session hosted on Delphi. After a few years Delphi withdrew its Chat server. now offers Live Chat sessions. Rather than logging into to visit the Chat, there is an option to Embed this into a website. I am currently testing this option to see if this is feasible to do.


Test 1 Twitch Stream Embed


After watching the first video – this stream continues on to play the next one. Since I also play the video game World of Warcraft – it might continue on to play those. Sometimes the Audio portion is muted by Twitch in the video – due to background noise interference. Haven’t solved that issue yet..

Next – I have to figure out how to add the Chat component of this.


Please click the Follow link if you would like to be notified of my next Live stream and Chat session. You might have to create a Twitch account by providing your email address. I am not sure yet which days I will be having the All Fiber Arts Chats – I live in the UK, so I have to figure out when my visitors are on. Please contact me by email or via my Facebook page to suggest suitable times.

Test 3 – AllFiberArts – Rya Rug Test stream The dark portion of the screen will have a Chat Window displayed (once I figure out how it works).
When I am streaming Live you will be able to Chat in the window by typing. You may be asked to Log in with an email address. This is not visible to anyone. It may take me a few weeks to get the bugs sorted out with this and to set up a Chat Schedule.

Warcraft HC