Raanu Weaving

Natural Dyed Raanu

A Raanu is a traditional Finnish and Saami style of handwoven wall hanging. A Raanu is a weft-faced weave, that is woven in a modified tabby weave using a cotton or linen rug warp yarn.

The weft is wool and is firmly packed so that the warp yarn does not show on the surface. Often 2 or more shuttles of different colours of yarn are woven in alternating order creating simple yet complex designs.

I am weaving this small size Raanu on my table loom.
Warp Yarn: No. 20/6 Kalalanka 5300 m/kg
Sett: 6 epi
Weft: 4 ply Sock Yarn 4000 m/kg
The weft yarns have been dyed using natural plant dyes.

The project is woven in a tabby weave, where shafts 1&2 alternate with shafts 3,4. To create the vertical stripe pattern use 2 shuttles of different colours and alternate with each pass. Because the weft is firmly packed, the warp threads do not show on the surface. A reverse pattern design shows up on the back, as on the alternate pick the weft yarn travels under each other during weaving.

Raanu Drawdown-1
Raanu Drawdown-1
Raanu Draft
Raanu Draft
Nat Dyed Raanu
Nat Dyed Raanu

I started to weave a larger version of a Raanu shortly before cancer struck me. This weaving project still sits on my floor loom, patiently waiting for my arm strength to return.
More about this weaving project can be found here:

Raanu on Loom
Raanu on Loom

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