Beaming A Warp

10 Steps to Warp: Beam Warp

10 Steps to Warping – Step 9 – Beaming the Warp
Once the warp threads have been securely tied to the back apron rod, you are ready to begin to wind the remaining warp on to the back beam. This part of the task is a bit easier when you have another person to help hold the warp tension while you wind on to the back, however, it isn’t always easy or convenient to find another weaver that is available to assist. But, it is possible to beam by yourself, though the process is a bit slower.

The method that I use follows:

Starting at the front of the loom, I even the tension on the warp threads by tugging at the ends in about 1 – 2 inch intervals, until all the threads are straight. Then I go to the back of the loom, and turn the back beam about 1/2 a revolution. I go back to the front and again adjust the tension. I go to the back and again wind another 1/2 a revolution.

Warp Tension
Warp Tension

Once the warp has gone around once, I place a lease stick (or dowel, paper, or old venetian blind slats) in between the warp beam and the threads. The lease sticks keep the tension even, smoothing out any lumps, bumps and knots in the warp. The sticks also prevent the warp threads from tangling into each other as they wind around the beam.

Beaming Warp
Beaming Warp

Again, I repeat the procedure of going to the front of the loom, and straightening out the threads and tightening the tension all along the warp. After 1 1/4 revolutions, I place another lease stick into the back beam.
Repeat this winding process until the warp has been fully wound onto the back beam.

10 Steps to Warping
Step 1: FTB Warping. Front to Back Warp Method. Choose your project and yarns.
Step 2: Sett. Determine the sett of your cloth, or how many threads per inch the fabric will be.
Step 3: Reed. Choose the reed that best fits your project pattern.
Step 4: Yarn Calculations. Calculate how much yarn you will need.
Step 5: Wind the Warp.
Step 6: Warp Chain.
Step 7: Sley the Reed.
Step 8: Thread the Heddles.
Step 9: Beaming Warp.
Step 10: Tie Warp.

Congratulations! Now you a ready to Weave!

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