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How to Sew a Sami Bracelet

This article continues from Part 1 – Sami Pulla Bracelet Pattern for making a Pewter braid.

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Step 2 – How to Stitch the Pewter Braid onto the Reindeer Leather

The Sami Reindeer Bracelet Kit includes a length of reindeer leather.
I like to add a linen backing to the back side of the reindeer leather. I find that this gives the soft reindeer leather a bit of extra strength when stitching. The linen backing has been glued with a gentle fabric glue. The fabric glue is not permanent but should be sufficient to hold the linen to the leather while you stitch. It is not recommended that you use other glues or rubber cement etc. on reindeer leather as this can damage the leather over time.

Alder Reindeer Leather Strip
Alder Reindeer Leather Strip
Alder Reindeer Leather - Back
Alder Reindeer Leather – Back

On the back side of the leather strip, measure 2 cm at both ends of the leather strip.

Sami Reindeer Bracelet
Sami Reindeer Bracelet

Fold the reindeer leather in half and make a small cut in the center of the mark.

Sami Reindeer Bracelet
Sami Reindeer Bracelet

Cut this carefully making the incision just wide enough to pass the pewter braid through the small hole.

How to Make a Sami Bracelet
How to Make a Sami Bracelet

The pewter braid will be fastened to the front side of the bracelet using nylon thread stitching.

How to Make a Sami Reindeer Bracelet
Sami Reindeer Bracelet
How to Make a Sami Reindeer Bracelet
How to Make a Sami Reindeer Bracelet

Please DO NOT use glue to hold the pewter thread in place. Over time the glue can damage the soft reindeer leather.
Using the invisible nylon thread, cut a length of approx. 40 cm (16 inches)
I find that when sewing with nylon thread, it can tangle quite easily, so I like to use fairly short lengths of thread when sewing.
Thread the fine needle with the nylon thread. To keep the nylon thread from slipping out of the eye of the needle, tie a knot close to the end of the needle eye.
Tie another knot at the end of the nylon thread. (I usually tie a double knot to prevent it from slipping through the material as I am sewing.

Nylon Thread Sewing
Nylon Thread Sewing

Working from the back side of the bracelet, begin sewing at the end where top of the woven braid is. Slip the threaded needle only into the linen backing for the first few stitches, in order to secure the nylon into place.

Sewing with Nylon Thread
Sewing with Nylon Thread

Turn the bracelet over and work the stitches from the front of the bracelet.
Bring the needle up to the front surface of the bracelet at the edge of the braid, at the point where the braided pewter threads cross.
Stitch across 1 set of pewter braid, into the space formed by the loop. The nylon thread will almost ‘disappear’ underneath the pewter thread.

Sewing Pewter Braid
Sewing Pewter Braid

Sew the next stitch into the following loop of the braid. Continue stitching down one side of the braid. I like to work the stitches down one side of the bracelet and then back up the other side.

Sewing Pewter Braid
Sewing Pewter Braid


Sewing Pewter Braid
Sewing Pewter Braid


Sewing Pewter Braid
Sewing Pewter Braid

Once both sides of the braid have been stitched into place, I sew an additional row of stitches through the centre of the braid so that I firmly secure all the woven loops of the braid onto the reindeer leather.
I like to use several rows of hand stitching to attach the pewter braid to the leather. If one section of stitching breaks, having several rows of stitching will help prevent the whole bracelet from coming apart.

Attach the Button Loop
Tie the button loop to the linen thread at the top of the pewter braid and stitch into place using the linen thread.

Sewing the Button Loop
Sewing the Button Loop

How to Sew a Sami Bracelet – YouTube

Step 3 – How to Sew the Back of a Sami Reindeer Bracelet

Step 1 – How to Weave the Pewter braid ‘Pulla’ 4 Strand Pattern
Step 2 – How to Sew the Pewter Braid to Reindeer Leather
Step 3 – How to Sew the Back of a Sami Reindeer Bracelet

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Ulda – Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda
The Kautokeino Rebellion (Music from the Movie) – Herman Rundberg, Mari Boine & Svein Schultz
Beaivi, Áhcázan (The Sun, My Father) – Nils-Aslak Valkeapää

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