How to Make Bias Tape

Bias tape

Hww to Make Bias Tape Binding
Cut a few strips of fabric on the bias using a rotary cutter or scissors. For this mask, I am cutting the tape to approx. 5 cm width.

Cut Bias Tape Strips
Cut Bias Tape

Sew Bias Tape into Strips
Place 2 ends of Bias Tape together at an angle, so that when you sew them, the tape opens into a long strip.

Sew Bias Tape Strips
Sew Bias Tape Strips

Bias Tape Maker
I discovered a wonderful little tool on Amazon that makes folding Bias Tape an easy task.

Bias Tape Maker

HONEYSEW Bias Tape Maker Kits All 5 Sizes 6MM 9MM 12MM 18MM 25MM Binding Foot Craft Clips Awl Quilter’s Pin on Amazon

The Bias Tape Maker Kit has 4 different sizes of Bias Tape folding tools.
The kit also has an awl that is used to push the tape through the maker, as well as some push pins and clips.

After the bias tape has been sewn into a long strip, push one end of the tape through the Bias tape tool using the awl.

Bias Tape Making
Bias Tape Tool

Iron the Bias tape as you are pulling it through the folding tool.

Ironing Bias Tape
Folded Bias Tape
Folded Bias Tape

That’s it! The bias tape is ready to be sewn onto your new project.

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