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Table Mat Rigid Heddle Weaving Project

Rigid Heddle Weaving Pattern
I recently purchased a rigid heddle loom to add my loom collection (one loom just isn’t enough). I have always woven on floor looms so to return to weaving on a small table loom is a bit of a learning curve. Although the rigid heddle is a simple design, it can produce some wonderful and creative fabrics. Over the coming weeks, I will be posting some weaving projects and patterns as I weave on this loom.

Ashford Table Looms
Ashford Table Looms

The Ashford 60 cm loom came equipped with a 10 dpi/No. 40 reed. I have ordered an additional reed (15 dpi/No. 60) so that I will be able to use finer yarns. I also ordered 4 pickup sticks so that I will be able to do more than plain tabby weave on this loom.

For my first project, I decided to put on a 3 meter linen warp so that I can weave multiple sample projects. The 10 dent reed is quite a wide sett so it is suitable for thicker yarns such as handspun or knitting wool yarns.
I purchased my linen yarn for the warp from Finland, but you can substitute with another yarn of a similar weight or thickness or cotton yarn such as seine twine.

Handspun Wool Table Mat Project
Warp Yarn: Linen Yarn Nel 8/2 (Tex 200×2)
Warp Length: 3 Meters
Warp Width: 16 inch, 40 cm
Sett: 10 dpi/No. 40

Weft: Linen Yarn Nel 8/2
Handspun Wool

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Project Length: 70 cm

I wove this table mat in a simple tabby weave, using alternating shots of the linen yarn and my handspun wool, creating a thick and thin woven effect. I cut the warp from the loom, hem stitched the edges and cut a 1 inch trim.
Then I fulled the woven piece by washing it in hot water with a bit of dish soap until the wool started to shrink a bit. I rinsed the table mat in cold water and hung to dry.

Woven Table Runner
Woven Table Runner

Yarn Sources
Lankava Finland

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