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Now that I have retired from the world of work, I have become more involved in production weaving. I am also now teaching workshops on a one-to-one basis. Here are some Links to my hand made products on Etsy and workshops that I offer.

Etsy Shop

I sell some of my handmade products through Etsy. My handmade products have changed over the years – here are some samples.
Please visit my Etsy shop for the latest selection.

  • Reindeer Leather bracelets
  • Sami Medicine bags
  • Reindeer leather keyrings
  • Sami style bookmarks
  • Handwoven wool throws
  • Handwoven tea towels
  • Handwoven table runners
  • Handwoven ribbons and bands
  • Hand dyed crewel wool yarns

Please visit my Paivatar website for current workshops that I offer.