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Sigga Heddle
Sigga Heddle

Now that I have retired from the world of work, I have become more involved in production weaving. I am also now teaching workshops on a one-to-one basis. Here are some Links to my hand made products on Etsy and workshops that I offer.

Sami Reindeer Leather Bracelets

Hand sewn reindeer leather and pewter thread bracelets, made in the Sami tradition.

Reindeer Leather Medicine Bags

Sami style medicine bags made with reindeer leather, wool felt and decorated with pewter thread embroidery.

Reindeer Leather Keyrings

Keychains made with reindeer leather, wool felt and embroidered with pewter thread.

Handwoven Key Fob Wrist Bands

Key fob wristlets hand woven in traditional Sami patterns made with wool and trimmed with reindeer leather.

Hand Woven Wool Throws

Hand woven wool throws made with hand spun and dyed yarns.

Custom Hand Woven Tea Towels

Hand woven tea towels using organic cotton yarns.

Rustic Hand Woven Table Runners

Hand woven table mats and runners made with hand spun wool and linen yarns.

Custom Woven Ribbon

Ribbon, tape, sashes woven on a traditional Scandinavian band loom.

Rainbow Crewel Yarns

Hand dyed rainbow coloured yarns in different weights (lace weight, fingering, DK) for crewel work, knitting, crochet, embroidery, tapestry.

Hand Spun Saori Art Yarn

Hand spun thick and thin merino wool yarns perfect for knitting or woven Saori style fabrics.

Needle Felted Gnome

Traditional Scandinavian needle felted gnomes, tonte, tonttu.

Sun Moon Diary

Hand felted wool diary and notebook covers decorated with Sami rock art designs.

Hand Woven Linen Sauna Towels

Pure natural linen sauna bath towels.


Sami Band Weaving Workshops

Sami pickup band weaving workshops.

Beginner Hand Spinning Workshops

Hand spinning workshop for beginners and intermediate spinners.

Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshops

Learn to warp and weave on a rigid heddle loom.

50 Shades of Colour Dye Workshop

Beginner dye workshops on how to mix dyes to create colour.

EBAY Handspun Art Yarns
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By Paivi Suomi

I've had an interest in weaving, looms, yarns and textiles since I was a small child. I learned to knit, crochet, sew, do needlepoint at my mother's knee. My grandmother was a Saami from northern Norway. I am very interested in studying more about traditional Saami and Finnish style weaving and handicrafts. Paivi Suomi