Paper Placemats

Paper Yarn Placemats

Paper yarn is quite sturdy and can be woven into a wide range of items. This paper placemat pattern is woven in tabby but use different types of yarns giving an interesting effect.

The placemats and table runner are woven using 22/2 cottolin for warp. This is woven in a thick/thin rep weave, using paper yarn and hemp single ply tow yarn as the weft. You can substitute the hemp with a single ply linen yarn, a cotton yarn or the same type of cottolin that you used in the warp.
This pattern will make 4 placemats and 1 table runner.

Warp: 22/2 cottolin, 3160 ypp
>Warp Length: 6 yards
Black – 40 ends
Navy – 180 ends
Black – 40 ends
Sett: 20 epi
Width in Reed: 13 inches

paper placemat draft
paper placemat draft

For the edges of each placemat, weave 2 inches of tabby using the 22/2 cottolin yarn.
The placemat is woven in tabby using 2 shuttles alternating shots of:
Paper yarn – 430 ypp (White)
6/1 Hemp – 1800 ypp (various colours)
Weft: 16 ppi
To weave with paper yarn, the yarn must be damp. Wind the yarn onto a bobbin. Fill a bowl of water and soak the bobbin for a few minutes to wet the yarn. Wipe the bobbin with a dry wash cloth to remove the excess water.

Placemat Pattern length: 16 inches
For these placemats, I used a different colour of hemp weft for each placemat, so that each one is slightly different, but complementary.
Table Runner Pattern length:30 inches
The table runner was woven with varied stripes of colour: red, green, blue, yellow.

Cut the hem between each placemat, and sew.
Care and Washing:
It is best not to wash paper placemats in the washing machine. Rather, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, or can be gently handwashed.

Woven Paper Placemat
Woven Paper Placemat

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