Knitting – Why Knit?

Why should you take up knitting?
Many people associate crafts like knitting and crocheting with old ladies, however this is a stereotype which could not be more wrong. An increasing number of young people are now getting into this creative past time and are knitting scarves, gloves and even toys. Plus in this economic climate, learning a skill like knitting is a great way to save money by making home made gifts.

Knitting Relieves Stress

After a long or stressful day at the office, there’s no better way to relax than sitting on the sofa, enjoying a cup of tea and getting on with some knitting. You’ll find that all the worries of the day melt away due to the relaxing, rhythmic and simple nature of knitting. The repetitive movements of knitting help to lull us into a relaxed rhythm because all we need to do is focus on just one task. In addition, knitting helps you to gather your thoughts and find a calm and positive state of mind where you’re not mulling over the past or fretting about the future.

Health advantages

There’s more to knitting which meets the eye. According to research conducted by Professor Richard Davidson of Wisconsin University, it is thought that practising rhythmic and repetitive movements such as knitting for eight weeks can have a positive effect on brain function and even strengthen the immune system. This is because therapeutic activities such as knitting evoke relaxation responses which can help reduce blood pressure, heart rate and help to prevent stress related illnesses.

Knitting improves your mood

In research by Dr. Barry Jacobs of Princetown University it has been discovered that repetitive movements in animals enhance the release of serotonin. In depression, serotonin levels are low but rhythmical movements such as knitting release a chemical called serotonin which can help you feel more calm and happy.

So when you are feeling stressed at work, it’s time for a knitting break!

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