Agathis Shop
Agathis Shop

A few weeks ago I had a lovely holiday in Kassiopi, Corfu. I had visited there a few years ago and had discovered a very talented weaver who has a small shop on the main street of Kassiopi. I was very pleased to see that she is still in business and is doing well. She is expanding her style and line of goods as her daughter-in-law is now learning to weave and is adding some of her own handwoven products to the shop.

Agathi studied weaving, sewing, crochet, needlework and textiles at a specialist school in Crete. She first started her shop in the early 70’s by crocheting and selling her products out on the street to the tourists who would pass by her home. Fairly quickly she was able to expand into a shop and she has successfully run her business and worked there since.

Crete Textile School
Agathi – Corfu

Agathis has a loom in the middle of the shop that always has a new project on it. During the summer months, you can see Agathis busy at work throughout the day and into the late evening.

Agathi’s Loom

Bamboo Reed

Bamboo Reed

Agathis showed me a beautiful bamboo reed that her mother used to weave with. The bamboo dents occasionally broke but they could be replaced by cutting and filing another piece of bamboo.

Craft Shelves

Not only weaving – Agathis is proficient at crochet, needlework, embroidery, weaving and just about any other textile craft. Her shelves are brimming with handmade products that she has produced. I could spend hours at her shop, marvelling at what she has made. Every piece has a story behind it, and she is very happy to share her wealth of knowledge.

Crewel Work – Chain Stitch Embroidery

Chain Stitch Crewel

Flokati Rugs

Flokati Rug

Embroidered Laces

Embroidered Lace

Crochet Angels

Crochet Angels

Handwoven Linen dyed with Natural Dyes

(Red and Yellow Onion Skins)

Linen dyed with Red Onion

Red Onion Linen

Hand woven Throws

Greek Handwoven Throws

She also has a larger loom that she puts up during the winter months so she can weave wider projects such as throws and blankets.

Mario’s Olive Wood Workshop

Agathis also has a very talented son, Mario who specializes in woodworking using olive wood. He also has a shop in Kassiopi and ships his products worldwide.

Kassiopi Olivewood

Kassiopi Olivewood

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