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Rya Rug Video

Rya Rug Weaving – Video

How to Weave a Rya Rug on a floor loom. This rya rug is made of 100% hemp warp and weft. The video demonstrates how to cut the rya pile, tie the rya knots and weave the rug.

The backing for the rug is woven in a tabby weave. The pile for the rya knots is cut to a length of about 3 inches. To prepare the cut pile, wrap the rya yarn around a folded piece of cardboard and cut. After the rug has been woven, trim the rya knots to an even length. Weave about an inch of tabby between each row of rya knots.

Hemp Rya Rug
Hemp Rya Rug

How to Weave a Rya Rug

0:00 Rya rugs have been woven in Finland and Scandinavia since 1500’s
0:50 Rya rug warp and weft are hemp yarn
1:40 Cut the Rya pile into lengths
3:50 Tying the rya knots
9:00 Weave rows of tabby between the rya knot rows.

How to Tie the Rya Rug (Ghiordes) Knot

Ghiordes Knot
Ghiordes Knot

Cut the rya yarn into short lengths, twice the length of the pile. The rya knot is formed on 2 raised warp threads.

Tie Rya Knot - 1
Tie Rya Knot – 1

Select 3 – 6 strands of cut rya yarn (depending on the thickness of the pile that you want) Place this group of rya threads under the 2 raised warp ends.

Tie Rya Knot - 2
Tie Rya Knot – 2

Fold the group of yarns together and hold with one hand.

Tie Rya Knot - 3
Tie Rya Knot – 3

With the other hand, open up the space between the 2 raised warp threads to form an opening.

Tie Rya Knot - 4
Tie Rya Knot – 4

Then push the ends of the rya threads under and through the loop that you have formed.

Tie Rya Knot - 5
Tie Rya Knot – 5

Graps the end of the rya threads and pull the rya knot down toward the woven area of the rug.

Tie Rya Knot - 6
Tie Rya Knot – 6

Give the rya knot a bit of a tug to tighten.

Tie Rya Knot - 7
Tie Rya Knot – 7

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