Lichen Dyed Slippers

Norwegian Lichen Dyed Slippers

Knitted and felted slippers – dyed with lichen. The lichen-dyed yarn samples were knit into squares, sewn together, and then felted by tossing into the washing machine. What a great way to use up small bits of yarn!

Lichen Slippers
Lichen Slippers
Lichen Slippers
Lichen Slippers

Block 1
Cast on and knit a square in garter stitch

Knit Slipper Block1
Knit Slipper Block1

Block 2
change the yarn colour and continue to knit another square
Pick up 14 stitches from the side of the 1st square and
continue to knit another square in garter stitch

Slipper Block 3
Slipper Block 3

Block 4 & 5
Change colour and knit another square continuing on from Blocks 2 and 3
Cast off the edges of Blocks 4 and 5

Slipper Block 4
Slipper Block 4

Block 6
Pick up stitches from the inside edge of Block 3
and knit a square in another colour, casting off when the block is completed.
Join Block 6 to the side of Block 2

Slipper Block 7
Slipper Block 7

Join the edges of Block 4 and 6 and sew together.

Join the edges of Block 5 and 6 and sew together.
This forms the back of the heel of the slipper.

Slipper Block Heel
Slipper Block Heel

Block 7
Knit another block for the top toe of the slipper and
sew this to the 2 outside edges of Block 1.
Fold Blocks 2 and 3 over and join the edges to Block 7.

Block Knit Slippers
Block Knit Slippers

Size Chart
The sizes of the squares give an allowance for felting shrinkage, however you will need to experiment with your yarn as different yarns felt and shrink at different rates.

Ravelry Discussion
Norwegian Felted Slippers

Slipper SizeNo. Inches
Toddler 1-32.5 inches
Children 4-93 inches
Womens3.5 inches
Mens4 inches

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