Design Software for Crafters

Textile Design Software
Computers & Looms
We now use software for much of our design work, but did you know that computers and looms have much more in common?

Mathematics & Weaving
Information about the relationship between mathematics, weaving and textile design.

Weave It Pro
A review of the Weave It Pro software demo.

Knitting Software
Software for both hand and machine knitters.

CAD/CAM systems for weaving with step-by-step problem oriented tutorials, free downloadable demo, manuals in PDF.

Symmetry Works is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that lets you make surface pattern designs.

Cameron Fibre Arts
Pro Weave, designed by a handweaver, is a textile design program with capability to handle up to 64 shafts.

Cochenille Design Studio
Cochenille Design Studio’s software products include Stitch Painter that can design patterns based on a grid and Garment Styler for designing your own handwoven clothing..

DB Weave
Brunold Software has design software (Windows/PC based only) for both weaving and beadwork. They offer a 30 day free trial of their products.

Designer Software
Designer Software are the makers of Weavemaker One, Weavemaker Professional and Surface Magic, software for both hobby and professional weavers.

Fiberworks PCW
Fiberworks PCW has weaving design software for entry level to advanced computer weavers. The demo version can also be used to view some of the drafts displayed in our Forum.

Knitware Design
I love this software for designing handknit sweaters. It works great for my handspun yarns. I knit a test swatch, type in the gauge, needle size and select the sweater design I want.

Knitting Patterns
This is an online knitting wizard for designing your own knitted patterns. I found that it works best using the Chrome browser.

Maple Hill Software’s PWS Patternland Weave Simulator is for drafting woven structure and tapestry-style designs.

QD.WIF is a program for the Mac that allows sharing of drafts between programs: WIF format files and WeaveMaker One, Macintosh ProWeave and WeavePoint v.4.

Tim’s Rudimentary Treadle Reducer
Do you suffer from treadle envy? This online software may be able to reduce the number of treadles that you require for your design.

Weave It and WeaveIt Pro
I especially like the project costing feature of this software.

Weave Point Software
Weave Point’s new version includes Tex and Denier yarn calculations, Tromp-as-Writ, a library of common threadings and other additions and adjustments.

Yxendis has an interesting collection of software for the weaver, spinner and textile artist: drafting, calibrated colour for the screen and printer, and creation of classic and fancy yarns.

Textile Design Software from Amazon

StashWiz for Knitters/Crocheters – For PC
Pc Stitch 9.0
Hobbyware Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Software
Instant Stitch