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Sources and suppliers for yarns for weaving warp and weft and also for other crafting projects – wools, linens, mill ends, hand knitting, machine knitting, weaving.

Borgs Weaving Yarn
Sweden’s Borgs is a good source for weaving yarns, including linens, wools, rug warp and rug weft.

Halcyon Yarn
Halcyon is a mail-order supplier of handknitting, machine knitting and weaving yarns. Spinning fibres, rug wools and rug-hooking kits are also available.

MacAusland’s Woollen Mills Ltd.
This family-owned spinning mill produces wool yarns in several weights: 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ply.

R and M Yarns
R & M has an ever changing selection of mill-end wool, cotton, rayon and acrylic yarns, suitable for machine knitting and weaving.

Robin and Russ Handweavers Inc.
Robin & Russ has been in the handweaving business since the end of WWII. They carry a wide selection of interesting weaving yarns too numerous to list fully on their website.

Yarn Barn
The Yarn Barn has lots of wool, rug yarns, warp, cottons and linens in addition to their weaving equipment.

Webs Yarn Merchant
Webs has a wide selection of specialty yarns designed for the handweaver, ranging from rayon chenille, to mohair and wool blends.

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