Towel Weaving Patterns

Onion Dyed Towels

Handwoven tea towels, bath towels, dish cloths are an excellent way to use up spare yarns or to try out different weaving drafts.

Hot Tub Towels
These towels weave up quickly using soft and durable 8/2 cotton and cotton chenille. Perfect for your hot tub or bath.
Hemp Tea Towels
Hemp towels woven in double weave.
Twill Tea Towels
These easy-to-weave twill sampler tea towels will brighten up your kitchen.
Twill and Tabby Towels
A free pattern for tea towels woven in twill with blocks of tabby using hemp and cotton yarns.

Bath Towel
A simple tabby design using 8/2 cotton warp and cotton boucle weft makes an ideal bath towel. Woven by Suzanne Dionne.
Honeycomb Dish Towel
4 shaft Honeycomb using 8/2 cotton warp sett at 18 epi and 8/2 cotton weft. Woven by Francine Blais.
Huckaback Dish Towel
A striped huckaback design makes attractive towels4 shaft Honeycomb using 16/2 cotton warp sett at 30 epi and 16/2 cotton weft. Woven by Lucille Hamel.

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