Knitted Vest Patterns

Berry Pretty Vest
The Craft Yarn Council site has a nice selection of free patterns, including this vest decorated with strawberry motifs.

2 Way Vest
This bottom portion of this vest is knit sideways. It would look lovely knit with a handspun, variegated dye yarn.

Knit Vest #4
A vintage pattern for a vest knit with worsted weight yarn.

Lion Knit Vest
Lion Brand Yarns has a free pattern for a knit vest.

Solutia Ladies Knit Vest
A lovely vest pattern from Smart Yarns.

1891 Vest
Knitting and Com has a nice selection of knitting patterns, including this vest dating to 1891.

Truman Vest
An easy to knit vest with a hood.

Men’s Knit Vests
Charley Vest
A men’s vest knit with a cable pattern.
Children’s Knit Vests
Fair Isle Vest
A pretty fair Isle vest / tank top pattern for a child.
Knitting Patterns
Raglan Sweater Pattern
Seed Stitch Hat Pattern
ABC Knitting Pattern
Gaily Striped Ankle Warmers
Knitted Skirt

Knitted Vest Pattern Books
Knitting: A Fair Isle Vest
Folk Vests
Knits for Men: 20 Sweaters, Vests, and Accessories

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