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Corfu Spindle

Spindle Spinspirations
Kat Walton is an accomplished spindle spinner. Her work shows what can be done with a Turkish spindle.

A visit to Verulamium to see ancient Roman spindles, artifacts and other archaeological textile finds.

Woolly Designs
5000 years ago, yarn for clothing was spun on hand spindles.This firm makes a variety of spindles.

How to Spin Using a Drop Spindle – You Tube

Spindle Spinning Books
A look at top whorl, bottom whorl and Turkish spindle methods to boost your techniques for efficiency and make productivity fun
A guide to readers in the fast-track, low-cost, high-quality approach to spinning. No spinning wheel required.

Spinning in the Old Way
A drop spindle and spinning fiber, everything you need to get started with handspinning.

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Respect the Spindle: Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool
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