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Double Twist Leno Lace

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Double Twist Leno Lace
This is a continuation of the previous article on weaving Leno Lace Pickup

Using the same technique described previously, instead of picking up the next 2 threads, 4 threads are picked up instead, creating a larger version of the leno twist.

I apologize for the poor quality of these images. They were taken on my first Olympus digital camera many years ago (1997). At some point when I weave Leno lace again, I will take photos and replace these ones.

Leno Lace Pickup
Leno Lace Pickup

Starting from the right, depress the right pedal and weave in about 1/2 inch. Change pedals (left) and weave back to the edge. Change pedals (right) and again weave in about 1/2 inch. This strengthens the edge, and sets the length of the lace.

Change pedals (left). Using your forefinger, pick up the next 4 raised threads (dark green).
Holding the 4 threads that you picked up in the previous step to the right, reach underneath them, and pick up the other 4 threads (light blue) pulling them slightly to the left. Holding onto the light blue threads, allow the first 4 (dark green) threads to drop.

Leno Lace Pickup
Leno Lace Pickup 11

Pass the shuttle through the twist that has formed (between the light blue threads that are on top and the dark green threads that are now underneath). Draw the yarn through and repeat the above steps to the last 1/2 inch of the warp.

Leno Lace Pickup
Leno Lace Pickup 7

When you have woven to the left edge, again weave a tabby shot twice to finish the edge.
Drop the shed and beat several times to place the weft evenly across.

Pressing the left pedal, throw the shuttle from the left. Again at the right edge, weave 2 shots of tabby for the first 1/2 inch.

Leno Lace Pickup
Leno Lace Pickup

This type of pick-up weave makes an attractive border. The double twist can also be used occasionally throughout a plain tabby weave fabric, adding an interesting effect to the fabric. In this case, omit the extra tabby shots at the edges of the fabric.

Leno Lace Pickup
Hemp, Huck and Leno Lace

The Leno Lace Pickup technique can also be used to weave block patterns and other shapes and images. More on this in a future post..

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